Tom Dickson introduced his newly patented "micronizing" grain mill in 1975, which revolutionized the home grain mill market. K-TEC Inc., d.b.a. Blendtec, was created in 1987 and successfully produced the Champ, a multi-function kitchen machine primarily used as a bread mixer, a blender and a food processor. In 1995 as the smoothie revolution was heating up, retail food outlets turned to Blendtec® to adapt blender technology for commercial use. Blendtec® developed the first blender to use a microprocessor to govern the speed of the motor. Later advancements included a sound enclosure, programmability of blending cycles, auto-start and stop, and safety-interlock features. Soon the new technology took the commercial market by storm. The commercial blender market has seen many changes in recent years. Smoothies and frozen coffees are just the latest products to create their own market segment. Blendtec® has joined with major retail food chains as well as local operations in providing the public with the best blended taste available.

With Blendtec® products you get the perfect drink every time with the simple push of a button. There is never a need to mess with knobs or switches. All Blendtec® blenders and dispensers come with microprocessor-controlled blend cycles. This allows the blenders to perform precise combinations of speed and blending time when a cycle button is pushed. The result is a consistent quality product. A recent web video series called "Will It Blend?" featuring Blendtec's C.E.O., Tom Dickson, blending an iphone, marbles, rake handles and all sorts of crazy things, has become an international phenomenon. The series has won awards worldwide and been called one of the most creative marketing campaigns of our time. The videos showcase the strength and durability of the entry level 13AMP home blender and suggest that if it will blend marbles and rake handles, it will certainly handle the everyday food items it was meant for.

Innovation and customer service are hallmark traits of Blendtec. In 1999, Blendtec was established as an international exporter with significant commercial blender business in the Far East and in the United Kingdom. Today, Blendtec blenders are well known for blending excellence at restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, health clubs and more, in 68 countries around the world.