Bravado! Designs

Bravado! Designs

Our story began 28 years ago when two Canadian women literally couldn’t find a nursing bra to wear. Every nursing bra that they found was either comfortable, but so ugly they didn’t want to wear it, OR it was kind of cute, but terribly uncomfortable. Frustrated and surprised with the lack of options available, they decided to design their own using some extra leopard print fabric and a keen understanding of what nursing moms really want in a nursing bra.

From their passion, their dedication and yes, their BRAVADO, Bravado Designs was born and the paradigm of what a nursing bra can be shifted. We are so proud to be a Canadian company that has smartly and successfully grown while staying true to the core of our offering, giving pregnant and nursing moms the comfort and style they deserve in over 34 countries!

All these years later, we are surprised to still see women settle for poor-fitting, uncomfortable and frumpy-styled nursing bras, and our mission is to stop the madness.

Every day we connect and listen to moms. This knowledge fuels us to continually bring new, thoughtful and refined designs that let her embrace motherhood without losing herself.

We are, and continue to be, a passionate design-led brand that focuses on the technical and intimate details, giving her nursing bras that she is actually excited to wear.