Comfy Critters

Remember your favorite stuffed animal growing up? Maybe you had a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or pillow you carried around wherever you went? Imagine combining all of those soft loveable must-haves into one… We did and called it a Comfy Critter. This Critter is a wearable stuffed animal, the one and only super soft stuffed animal that is also a fluffy pillow, cozy hooded blanket and even super fun costume!

If there are two things we feel very strongly about, it’s having fun and being comfortable! We believe there’s something special about Comfy Critters that bring out feelings of joy, creativity and security. These unique features make Comfy Critters a must have for movie nights, road trips, video games, camping, reading and the list goes on! Whether it’s playtime or bedtime, Comfy Critters will be there for it all!