Evo is not just another spray bottle; it is a new way of using controlled amounts of your favorite cooking oils and dressings in a safe, healthy, economical, and Eco-friendly way. Evo oil sprayers are breaking new ground by releasing a trigger sprayer with the ability to atomize oils completely free of any aerosols. Our newly developed Evo Trigger Sprayer utilizes proprietary design components to dispense a wide range of products from cooking oils and edible oils. This advanced trigger sprayer results in never before available aerosol free atomization of edible oil products. The Evo provides ¼ teaspoon per trigger pull, that allows portion control and consistency. The rotating nozzle allows the Evo to spray in both a straight-lined vertical or horizontal pattern that covers a large area.

~ Evo Non-Aerosol Oil Sprayer dispenses any cooking oil and vinegar in unique fan pattern without any harmful propellants or chemicals for healthy foods.
~ Beautiful ergonomic design that is BPA, Latex, and DEHP-free; won't clog or shatter; economical, reusable, recyclable.
~ Consistently dispenses 1/4 teaspoon per trigger pull; unique fan pattern covers more cooking surface using less oil; perfect for portion control.
~ Prepare healthy meals with less oil; great for vegetable, olive, canola, peanut or sesame oil, even balsamic vinegar; no propellants or chemicals.
~ Includes twist-on funnel for easy filling and refilling; more economical than aerosol cooking spray. hand wash bottle and sprayer
~ Easy to clean by hand washing bottle and sprayer, not dishwasher safe.