DECCO the Toddler Monitor is a cute and friendly motion sensor device designed to alert a parent if their toddler has left their bedroom or safe space.

You simply hang DECCO the Toddler Monitor on a doorknob and activate it from an iPhone. If a toddler opens the door, the device senses the motion of the door and sends an alert to the iPhone via the Toddler Monitor App.

DECCO the Toddler Monitor is the next stage of baby monitor that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are monitoring your toddler and have the ability to keep them safe.

To get started, simply download the Toddler Monitor App from the App Store and follow the instructions. Once paired to your iPhone it is as easy as Set. Sense. Know.

SET. Hang DECCO the Toddler Monitor on your toddler's bedroom door and Set it from your iPhone using the Toddler Monitor App.

SENSE. If your toddler tries to leave their bedroom, the device will sense the motion of the door and send a Bluetooth signal to your iPhone.

KNOW. You will be notified via the Toddler Monitor App if there is movement at the door and you will know that your toddler is on the move.

DECCO the Toddler Monitor will enable you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing your toddler is safe:

  • In your home
  • At a hotel
  • At a vacation home, cottage or cabin
  • At a friend or family member's house

Up to three devices can be managed in the iPhone App, so you can monitor multiple children or multiple areas depending on your needs.